Cyber-Bullies, Obesity and Stress

Cyber-Bullies, Obesity and Stress

There was a recent article in The Guardian newspaper that I thought might be of interest to us all, including my own practice, Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.
Its subject was the new chair of The Royal College of GPs, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard – in effect the new leader of the UK’s 49,000-plus general practitioners.
Written by Denis Campbell, the article was headlined: ‘Cyber-bullies, obesity and stress… this is a scary world, says the new top GP.’
Dr Stokes-Lampard laments that the proliferation of social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, has contributed to an explosion of mental-health problems among people with weight issues, including youngsters.
People have become more judgmental about appearance, says the doctor, who adds: “We’re a fat-shaming society.”

Weight Loss Hypnotherapist AWLHDilemmas of addressing weight-loss matters

She goes on to say that doctors face a huge problem of where to refer patients and, in addition to other measures, she calls for the expansion of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provision.
Many of the issues raised in the article are of relevance to hypnotherapy treatment. Unintentionally, perhaps, the piece also exposes one of the dilemmas of addressing weight-loss matters. Some would say the dilemma might more accurately be described as a contradiction – on the one hand obesity is recognised as being a dangerous condition that not only threatens the individual but puts a huge strain on health service resources; on the other hand, labelling someone as being fat can have a detrimental effect on their mental well-being and thereby nurture a secondary condition.
Such a contention merits analysis.

Weight-loss treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy ClinicWeight Loss Hypnotherapy Leeds

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, I have treated a lot of weight-loss clients as well as treating many people for a variety of other conditions, including low self-esteem. Confidence building, of course, is beneficial to a client’s wellbeing both as a distinct treatment or as part of therapy for some other (often related) condition.
But the supposed contradiction arises in the contention that by labelling someone as being fat, the therapist erodes that client’s self-confidence and thus exacerbates anxiety. Such a notion has seen many therapists and others involved in the wider weight-loss industry avoiding obvious truths – and thereby failing to offer effective treatment.
A fundamental part of treatment offered at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, and hopefully by all members of the Association of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists, is that a client should recognise and accept his or her condition.
So, fat is fat.
If someone is obese they are obese – not “ well built” or “big boned”.
Honesty is a key to success. But they are not being labelled fat – their weight doesn’t define them it simply needs to be addressed.
Once a client accepts the condition, the very simple physical rules can then be applied – i.e. consume fewer calories than are being expended and weight will be reduced. It is important that the client understands that the therapist is not being judgmental and that together the client and the therapist are going to resolve the issue.
The client needs to be reassured that his or her weight problem is not a permanent state – obesity can be overcome and overcome quite easily.
The problem that Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard highlights is not one of candour among professionals but that social media is making society ever more divisive and exposing vulnerable individuals to wider hostility. Such people need help and not capricious ridicule and that includes people with weight problems. They don’t deserve hectoring – they simply need honesty so as to grasp responsibility. But as Dr Stokes-Lampard points out, stretched resources means help is limited or even lacking.
As hypnotherapists all we can do is help to fill the gap as best we can.
Offered greater opportunities and with wider recognition of the services we provide, I’m in no doubt we could do much more.

Fewer Smokers in England | Stop Smoking in Leeds


We’re always cautious here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic of new statistics (especially any to do with smoking) because we know figures can all too easily be interpreted in different ways and therefore be hijacked to support contrasting causes.
However, news that the proportion of smokers has fallen in England is heartening.
The Guardian headline was ‘Number of smokers in England drops to all-time low.’
This is to be welcomed but details behind the statstop-smoking-its-a-doddle-for-website-mobileistics still merit careful analysis. For example, while the percentage of smokers has fallen in the past five years the population as a whole has risen in the same period and so the number of smokers remain higher than might at first be imagined – there are still 7.2 million smokers in England. Even so this is less than half the number of ex-smokers (14.6million) so this is encouraging. It seems that combined efforts to convince people to quit cigarettes are having a positive effect.


The medical profession welcomes the latest findings, of course. But it points out that about 200 people still die prematurely every day in England as a consequence of smoking-related symptoms.
Professor Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England warned that although the “diminishing appeal of smoking” was “amazing” the number of people still lighting up remained a matter of concern.
There are other factors to consider, too. For example, regional differences are worrying. The North East and Yorkshire still have a significantly higher proportion of smokers compared to the South East and, in particular, the South West, which boasts the fewest smokers.
Other variants to be noted include wealth disparities with far more poorer people likely to smoke compared to the better off; people of Asian background are less likely to smoke (though 10 per cent do so); smoking is most prevalent among those of mixed race. The breakdown of the statistics goes on but among the many quotes generated by the issue, one of the most pertinent, we thought at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, came from Rosana O’Connor, Public Health England’s director of of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, who said: “The more ex-smokers there are among your friends and family, the more likely you are to quit for good and the less likely your children are to start.”
Her words reflect the importance of others in our lives and how we all have responsibilities not only for ourselves but for those around us.
It is such sentiments that inspire us here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Eat Fat to be Thin

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Leeds Man UpEat Fat to be Thin- Another Weight Loss Message Destined to Confuse

Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic our weight-loss programmes, including Man Up Lose Weight, all emphasise the importance of grasping responsibility.

The actual equation is a very simple one: consume fewer calories than you burn off and the pounds and stones will drop off.

In all honesty most people can grasp this intellectual insight – it’s not actually all that profound or difficult to understand.

All too often, however, people allow the issue to blur and everything again seems more complicated than it really is.

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Can Help

How hypnotherapy helps is to provide the individual with an emotional insight. In other words, hypnosis roots the intellectual insight, or truth, into the unconscious. It allows the head to rule the heart, is another way of putting it.  You learn to be aware of the decisions you make and not to make excuses. But if you want a slice of cake or piece of chocolate occasionally, that’s OK.

The key is, to know and acknowledge what it is you’re eating. Simply hold a healthy preference while admitting that sometimes it does you good to enjoy a treat.

Your newly integrated emotional control is able to overcome greed.

Of course, no one likes to think of themselves as being greedy. It is an ugly word. And so it’s all too common for people struggling with their weight to seek the comfort of having an excuse for over indulgence and to shift blame away from themselves.

The Weight Loss Media

And the diet industry, food experts health officials and the media together seem to have an uncanny ability to whip up a full menu of excuses – to create confusion regarding matters that otherwise are really quite straight forward.

So remember the simple equations – eat less and lose weight; eat what you need and maintain a healthy weight.

Meanwhile, of course, the above mentioned bodies will continue to propound a new theory or contradiction, seemingly every few weeks. The media then seems to conspire to stir up the whole debate into a frenzy of confusion and derision. All it then needs are a few politicians to get involved and we all seemingly then have the perfect excuse to eat or drink ourselves stupid because nothing no longer makes any sense.

The latest food row to emerge, as you might be aware, is the notion that we should be eating fewer carbs and more fat. This has promoted headlines of a kind such as: “Eat fat to stay thin”.

Let’s be sensible about this, though. Are you really going to eat nothing but cream cheese three time a day just because some nutritional body suggests that an exclusively fat-free diet is not necessarily a great idea?

So take a step back from the pie-flinging and the insults. There’ll soon be a new pronouncement coming along which will morph all too easily into some new faddy diet to sweep the nation before inevitably making way for some fresher theory.

How I can help you at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we realise most people have the intellectual insight to know in essence what it is they should be doing or eating. We provide them with the emotional insight, through hypnosis, to realise those aims by helping them to take responsibility for their own consumption, regardless of whatever inane headline happens to be in fashion.

The only things that should never be swallowed are half-baked ideas.

Hypnotherapy Leeds- Mindfulness vs. anti-depressant drugs

New Report Cites Mindfulness as Alternative to Anti-Depressant Drugs

wisdom/ mindfulnessHere at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, we’re always happy to read reports that support the type of treatments that we offer.
This week, an article in the i newspaper cited a major study that found mindfulness works as well as anti-depressant drugs.
It is pleasing to note that the concept of mindfulness is becoming more mainstream and is at long last attracting the attention of the wider media – primarily because it is becoming better recognised as a powerful source of well-being in so many aspects of life.
The new study found that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) helped people just as much as commonly prescribed anti-depressant drugs and that there was no evidence of any harmful effects.
Professor Willem Kuyken, an Oxford University clinical psychologist and lead author of the research report published in the JAMA Psychiatry, said the new evidence was very heartening.
“It does clearly offer those with a substantial history of depression a new approach to learning skills to stay well in the long-term.”
The article also states that mindfulness has secured the backing of the NHS advisory body, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as well as the Mental Health Foundation research charity.
Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we welcome this wider acceptance of mindfulness because we know first-hand how effective such treatment is. Its effectiveness extends to dealing with all manner of conditions, including smoking, weight issues, stress, depression and phobias. This is because so many common conditions are rooted in the same source, namely anxiety.
And anxiety, it seems, is a growing problem in modern society – but a phenomenon that we at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic want to help people overcome.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Leeds or E-cigarettes?

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Leeds or E-cigarettes?

Stop smoking hypnotherapy Leeds e- cigsSo E-Cigarettes Might Not Be That Safe After All.

When I wrote the book “Stop Smoking: It’s a doddle” as a guide and accompaniment to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s stop smoking hypnotherapy programme, I felt it only fair to include a mention of e-cigarettes.

I wasn’t a fan, even if popular opinion seemed to be that “vaping” was an acceptable way of helping people to quit smoking.

In my book such substitutes reflect a failure to address the real issues; e-cigs help perpetuate the myth that so-called nicotine addiction constitutes a physical dependency when in reality smoking is almost entirely a psychological condition.

Times have changed with regards to how to stop smoking

But less than a year ago many politicians and some health professionals were prepared to laud vaping products as lifesavers because it was assumed they were less harmful than cigarettes even though no research had actually deemed them harmless.

Am I just a biased stop smoking hypnotherapist?

Some cynics might say that my lack of enthusiasm for vaping is hardly a surprise – after all aren’t e-cigs in direct competition with treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic? Well, not really because I now have people coming to the clinic wanting to give up vaping as well as smoking. In addition, smoking cessation is only one of the programmes offered at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic where treatment for a wide range of conditions is available.

So, I feel I can remain objective and professional in my opinions regarding smoking.

And I remain convinced that hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most effective way to help people in the UK, or wherever, to quit smoking.

Now new research coming from America says that vaping could be linked to cancer.

This comes just as the UK government is rolling out the idea that vaping is a useful aid for those who want to stop smoking.

Victims of the tobacco companies who don’t want you to just stop smoking.

Worrying, I would say, is the involvement and influence of some tobacco companies in the vaping business. There are now an estimated 2.6 million e-cig users in the UK – so the market is huge.

The real dangers of smoking e- cigarettes instead of stopping smoking.

The latest medical research regarding vaping has come from a team of scientists in San Diego with results published in the medical journal Oral Oncology.

Dr Jessica Weng-Rodriguez, chief of pathology at the San Diego branch of the US Department of Veteran Affairs, who co-authored the report, said: “Vapourised e-cigarette liquids induced increased DNA strand breaks and cell damage.”

She added that many earlier studies had shown that nicotine could damage cells, however, her team’s study indicated that other components in e-cigarettes may be cancer causing.

Her conclusions are that the tests “strongly suggest” that e-cigarettes are not as safe as their marketing makes them appear.

In addition to this, recent research from Harvard University on 51 e-cigarette liquids found some of the components can cause a condition called “popcorn lung” – a narrowing of airways, which is life-threatening.

My attention to both these reports was initiated by articles in The Independent newspaper.

And so the debate goes on – the shuffling of statistics, the claims and counter claims.

But if you are a smoker, my advice is simple.

Take responsibility.

Don’t be a victim.

Make the only sensible choice.


When you decide to do so the doors at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic are open.

And it really is a doddle to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Leeds.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds 2016- Man Up Lose Weight

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds 2016- Man Up Lose Weight

Weight loss hypnotherapy- Man Up Lose WeightIs it your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? If so Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic can make sure you succeed by offering weight loss programmes that encourage the positive aspects of slimming down and with the help of hypnotherapy actually make achieving your ideal weight an enjoyable experience. At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we teach you about awareness. Among our most popular programmes is the Man Up Lose Weight treatment programme – aimed primarily at men. So if you want to make 2016 the year that you do something positive for your well-being, click on the link on the header and visit the weight loss hypnotherapy- Man Up Lose Weight site.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in Leeds in 2016- Coughers fill the coffers

Stop Smoking Leeds Hypnotherapy ClinicStop smoking hypnotherapy in Leeds in 2016- Coughers fill the coffers

If you a smoke then make 2016 the year you quit smoking – that’s not just my New Year message, on behalf of Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, but it’s at the heart of a new campaign by Public Health England.

The government body has released a short film for TV and the Internet warning people not to ignore what is sometimes known as smokers’ cough. They say there are many people in England unaware of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is a narrowing of the airways that leaves people struggling to complete even simple activities because of “shortness of breath”.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we collate a lot of statistics about a range of conditions and none are more shocking than those relating to the effects of smoking. It is particularly distressing primarily because all smokers are capable of quitting – as I explain in my book Stop Smoking: It’s a doddle.

COPD is an umbrella term for a number of illnesses, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

England’s Chief Medical Officer says: “COPD is a serious lung disease and is not particularly well known. The single best thing a smoker can do to reduce the chances of developing this devastating disease and prolong their lives is to stop smoking.”

This latest government campaign features former Olympic champion athlete Iwan Thomas whose own mother was recently diagnosed with COPD after years of smoking.

She has pledged to make 2016 the year she quits.

I would urge every smoker to do the same.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Our doors, here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, are open to all smokers who want to quit. I am also offering my book – Stop Smoking: It’s a doddle for less than half the retail price. You can order a copy from this website or from Waterstones stores. It is also available as an e-book.

A Happy and a Healthy New Year to all from Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.



Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds -The Myth of weight loss hypnotherapists leedsBeing Both Fit and Fat

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds -The Myth of weight loss hypnotherapists leedsBeing Both Fit and Fat

Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic our weight loss hypnotherapy programmes emphasise the positive aspects of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight but it is also very important that clients are realistic about the negative consequences of being fat.

Most people, including those who are overweight, are already well enough aware that being slim and active is beneficial to health and one’s overall well-being compared to being fat and sedentary. Fat people don’t need to be constantly told that obesity is not their best option. The problem is that too few people realise that one’s weight is indeed optional. They believe that losing weight is beyond them and all too often prefer to ignore the problem. Weight loss hypnotherapy in Leeds teaches clients that they have a choice and that they can quite easily choose to be slim and we instruct them how to achieve this.

Weight loss hypnotherapists need to be honest with their clients

As a weight loss hypnotherapist I do come across people who prefer to believe it is possible to be both fit and fat. And I turn my attention to this following a report I read in The Daily Telegraph (21/12/15) which cited research by Swedish scientists that has exploded the myth that you can be fat but fit, concluding that obese regular exercisers are more likely to die before thin, unfit people.

The study by Umea University, focusing on 1.3 million men, found that those who were fat but took part in high levels of aerobic fitness were 30 per cent more likely to die prematurely compared to those who were slim but took little regular exercise.

The university’s Professor Peter Nordstrum said that the study challenged the idea that obese people could compensate for their mortality risk by taking a lot of exercise.

Of course, people who believe they are both fit and fat are perhaps unlikely to seek the help of Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic or other weight loss hypnotherapy programmes. So if such statistics as those provided by the Swedish research open a few more eyes to reality then some good might come of it

The door is always open to those wanting to lose weight at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.

I would also add that whatever the Swedish research might imply about longevity of life, it is my contention that more a more important issue is having one’s health whatever age one happens to be. And, of course, one’s weight remains an undeniable factor in determining one’s health – and is one thing we can all control. With the help of weight loss hypnotherapy in Leeds, you can achieve a healthy weight.

Hypnotherapy can make sure you have a happy new year

Leeds Hypnotherapy Weight LossHow Hypnotherapy and CBT Principles can make sure you have a happy new year


Binge drinking and overeating are issues much discussed during the festive season and are matters clients often seek advice about at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.

There are endless articles about boozing and feasting in newspapers and magazines at this time of year, many of them keen to encourage eating and drinking on an epic scale. And the TV is awash with ads urging us to part with cash.

Colossal consumption at Christmas seems to be not just accepted but expected.

And if the employer is picking up the bill for the office party it’s hard for some not to stuff themselves to bursting point and beyond.


How not to fatten up at Christmas


Of course, there are many who worry about the health consequences of too many drinks and too much food. The fear of gaining extra pounds weighs heavily on many a not-so merry mind.

So to counter all this a lot of people promise to punish themselves with total abstinence come the New Year.

Thus the annual fad has emerged of Dry January. People are prepared to drink themselves into oblivion in December and then deny themselves a drop throughout January. Similarly, there are those who will stuff themselves stupid with enough calories to fire up the next space mission and then starve themselves come the New Year until February.


Why binge behaviour is best avoided


It’s classic binge behaviour, which Britain seems to have signed up for with little thought of the wider picture. It is saying that denial of enjoyment is a penance that has to be paid for over-indulgence, as if one cancels out the other.

It’s an all-or-nothing attitude, which is not a healthy way of thinking as any practitioner of cognitive behavioural therapy will tell you.

The retail world encourages this mindset that now pervades society, where the word moderation seems to have been forgotten. So much has become either positive or negative with no in-between.

I read in The Independent newspaper an article on  this matter which featured  London clinical psychologist Lauren Callaghan who employs cognitive behavioural therapy at her practice and I’m happy to quote her advice which is encourage people to think: reduction not refusal; moderation over renunciation.


Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s healthy principles


At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, clients are encouraged to adopt such principles. Being healthy and happy is grounded in awareness. Mindfulness is a key word. Nothing is banned and the client recognises he or she always has a choice. Be mindful and be in control. And, of course, don’t make January a month to dread.

How CBT and hypnotherapy could solve women’s weight crisis

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy LeedsHow CBT and hypnotherapy could solve women’s weight crisis


Obesity is the biggest threat to women’s health in the UK and tackling this epidemic weight problem should be a national priority.

This is the message of England’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies, as widely reported in the media last week, including this weighty issue being the main item on many BBC news programmes.

The statistics regarding women’s weight that Dame Sally provides are startling with 56% of women aged between 34 and 44 falling into the obese or overweight categories. The obesity figures are even more alarming for at least one other older age category.

Too fat

The stark conclusion is that as a whole the female population of the U.K. Is just far too fat.

(Britain’s men are overweight in general too – but this fat survey is primarily focused on women’s weight).

The health consequences of this excess weight are worrying both for individuals and for the nation as a whole.


Weight and pregnancy


Dame Sally says that the UK’s weight problems threaten to bankrupt the NHS. Of particular concern is how excess weight affects pregnant women.

The first step is to abandon the still-held belief that mum or mum-to-be is eating for two.

Such misplaced sentiments serve only to encourage obesity.


How hypnotherapy and CBT can help with weight loss


All this might seem harsh and the critics have already been out in force labelling Dame Sally “fattist.”

This, of course, is not true. It is just that sometimes the truth hurts. Amid the protests, the irony is that there is an easy solution to being fat.

I applaud Dame Sally’s recommendation that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective approach in treating overweight women.

It is important for people to realise that the solution to being fat is within everyone. People need to start by recognising this. As with so many issues in life, the lesson is to take personal responsibility. It is a fundamental fact that we at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic help clients realise.

You don’t need faddy diets.

You don’t need expensive gimmicks.

Weight-loss programmes at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic include CBT. It is cognitive behavioural therapy that provides rationality with the hypnotherapy being used to anchor this understanding in the client’s subconscious.

Our programmes at Leeds Hypnotherapy are tailored to suit the particular client but we teach that slimming down can be fun and that it certainly it is not an insurmountable difficulty.

It is within your grasp.

It is about being aware and being mindful.