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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds -The Myth of weight loss hypnotherapists leedsBeing Both Fit and Fat

Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic our weight loss hypnotherapy programmes emphasise the positive aspects of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight but it is also very important that clients are realistic about the negative consequences of being fat.

Most people, including those who are overweight, are already well enough aware that being slim and active is beneficial to health and one’s overall well-being compared to being fat and sedentary. Fat people don’t need to be constantly told that obesity is not their best option. The problem is that too few people realise that one’s weight is indeed optional. They believe that losing weight is beyond them and all too often prefer to ignore the problem. Weight loss hypnotherapy in Leeds teaches clients that they have a choice and that they can quite easily choose to be slim and we instruct them how to achieve this.

Weight loss hypnotherapists need to be honest with their clients

As a weight loss hypnotherapist I do come across people who prefer to believe it is possible to be both fit and fat. And I turn my attention to this following a report I read in The Daily Telegraph (21/12/15) which cited research by Swedish scientists that has exploded the myth that you can be fat but fit, concluding that obese regular exercisers are more likely to die before thin, unfit people.

The study by Umea University, focusing on 1.3 million men, found that those who were fat but took part in high levels of aerobic fitness were 30 per cent more likely to die prematurely compared to those who were slim but took little regular exercise.

The university’s Professor Peter Nordstrum said that the study challenged the idea that obese people could compensate for their mortality risk by taking a lot of exercise.

Of course, people who believe they are both fit and fat are perhaps unlikely to seek the help of Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic or other weight loss hypnotherapy programmes. So if such statistics as those provided by the Swedish research open a few more eyes to reality then some good might come of it

The door is always open to those wanting to lose weight at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.

I would also add that whatever the Swedish research might imply about longevity of life, it is my contention that more a more important issue is having one’s health whatever age one happens to be. And, of course, one’s weight remains an undeniable factor in determining one’s health – and is one thing we can all control. With the help of weight loss hypnotherapy in Leeds, you can achieve a healthy weight.

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  1. Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment which helps us overcome obstacles, achieve our goals and enables us to be the best that we can be.

    very interesting,good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.

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