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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy LeedsThe Myth of Fat and Fit

Among services offered by Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic are weight loss hypnotherapy programmes that help people who need to shed fat reach their healthy target.
While shapes and sizes vary among clients who come to see us, so too do initial expectations. But we treat everyone equally – we are not judgemental and simply explain what weight a client needs to lose. Some clients are shocked by the fat they have to shed, particularly those who consider themselves fit. Such clients are often, but not exclusively, younger men who prefer to think of their bulk as being mostly muscle. While muscle mass does vary between individuals, fat is still fat and to be healthy most people should aim for a balanced height to weight ratio – this means their body mass index (BMI) should not exceed 25 – and anything above 30 is classed as obese.
(There are a few exceptions when these figures do not apply – notably pregnant women). For the vast majority of people, though, being overweight, or obese, equates to carrying about too much fat. And there is no such thing as being fat but fit.
And this certitude has been confirmed by new research led by Imperial College London and University of Cambridge.
The researchers examined data from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study of half a million people.

Healthy and Unhealthy Metabolic Markers

Participants’ BMI was examined alongside metabolic markers (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels, etc) to determine who was classed “healthy” or classed “unhealthy.”
Findings showed that being “healthy” but overweight or obese still increased the likelihood of contracting coronary heart disease.
The increased risk was 26% among overweight “healthy” individuals and 28% among those ranked obese, said the study, published in the European Heart Journal.”
Dr Ionna Tzoullaki of Imperial’s School of Public Health is quoted as saying: “I think there is no longer this concept of healthy obese.”
The study’s lead author, Dr Camille Lassale, said: “If a patient is overweight or obese, all efforts should be made to help them get back to a healthy weight.”
Much as people might accept the veracity of all this, the fact remains that many people find the prospect of achieving their ideal weight a daunting task.
At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we address this issue, starting with the simple premise that the only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn off – which means eat less.
Simple as this rule is, the practice can appear more complicated. But with the treatment we provide – cognitive behavioural therapy reinforced by clinical hypnosis, losing weight can be fun – achieving your ideal weight can be a doddle. More information and details of how to lose weight with Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic can be found on this website. You can also download for free a guide to losing excess fat with ease, written by me, Daniel McDermid. The guide explains how to attain and maintain your ideal weight.

Calories and the Food Industry

The food industry has been in the news again with health officials insisting more needs to be done to make people eat less or more accurately to consume fewer calories on a daily basis.
New proposals could see the size of portions sold by manufacturers reduced, or ingredients going into many recipes changed.
The targets are expected to be decided by Public Health England within the next 12 months.
I was asked this week whether I thought this was a good idea or just further evidence of interference by the state.
Well, of course, anything that helps benefit people’s health is to be applauded. One of the main problems with processed foods is that too many people are unaware of exactly what they are eating and that includes the number of calories they are consuming.
So no – the food industry should not be allowed to abuse people’s ignorance and health for the sake of maximising profits.
Ultimately, though, the aim should be to educate everyone to recognise the importance of caring for their own health.
One of the lynchpins of successful treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic is for clients to understand the importance of responsibility and to take responsibility for themselves.
Accepting responsibility is a vital factor in addressing all issues and resolving a variety of conditions, including obesity. Taking responsibility might at first seem daunting or a burden. But Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, using cognitive behavioural therapy reinforced by clinical hypnosis, is able to support and strengthen the resolve of individuals who decide they want to change their lifestyles. They soon realise that losing weight can be fun and eating healthily is easy too. It is all about changing perspectives and being aware. Support from the food industry is to be welcomed too – but ultimately all individuals need to take control of their own lives. And here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we know that everyone is capable of that. The Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic guide Man Up Lose Weight, is available to download free from our website.


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