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“Magic’ Cells Repair Damage Caused By Smoking Once You Quit

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in LeedsLeeds Hypnotherapy Clinic offers clients life-changing benefits.

And for some people, smokers included, the treatment will be life-saving.

It’s widely acknowledged that quitting cigarettes is the single most important thing a smoker can do to improve health.

Yet there are those who still believe they have been smoking too long for there to be any real health gains.

But they’re wrong.

And new research at University College London confirms this assertion.

The findings by scientists show that the lungs have a near “magical” capacity to repair cancerous mutations caused by smoking – but only once the smoker quits.

BBC Health and Science correspondent James Gallagher reports on the findings published in Nature. He writes that the few cells that escape damage from smoking are able to repair damaged lungs.

DNA Mutations

Until now, it had been assumed that the DNA mutations that lead to lung cancer were permanent and persisted even after a person quit cigarettes.

Previous studies had already established that people cut their risk of lung cancer once they quit but it was thought that this was because further mutations caused by smoking were avoided.

But the new research has found that the few cells that escape DNA damage subsequently act to repair lungs.

Precisely how some cells remain undamaged remains unclear, however, for people who quit it is these remaining cells that grow and replace the corrupted cells.

Dr Peter Campbell, of the Sanger Institute, told the BBC there were “cells that, kind of, magically replenish the lining of the airways.”

So for those hardened smokers who demanded further evidence that they really ought to quit: there they have it.

Extra Motivation To Stop Smoking

Dr Rachel Orritt, of Cancer Research UK said the research provided extra motivation for smokers to quit.

Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, we never tire of telling people that giving up cigarettes needn’t be hard: Stop smoking it’s a doddle.

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