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Eat Fat to be Thin

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Leeds Man UpEat Fat to be Thin- Another Weight Loss Message Destined to Confuse

Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic our weight-loss programmes, including Man Up Lose Weight, all emphasise the importance of grasping responsibility.

The actual equation is a very simple one: consume fewer calories than you burn off and the pounds and stones will drop off.

In all honesty most people can grasp this intellectual insight – it’s not actually all that profound or difficult to understand.

All too often, however, people allow the issue to blur and everything again seems more complicated than it really is.

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Can Help

How hypnotherapy helps is to provide the individual with an emotional insight. In other words, hypnosis roots the intellectual insight, or truth, into the unconscious. It allows the head to rule the heart, is another way of putting it.  You learn to be aware of the decisions you make and not to make excuses. But if you want a slice of cake or piece of chocolate occasionally, that’s OK.

The key is, to know and acknowledge what it is you’re eating. Simply hold a healthy preference while admitting that sometimes it does you good to enjoy a treat.

Your newly integrated emotional control is able to overcome greed.

Of course, no one likes to think of themselves as being greedy. It is an ugly word. And so it’s all too common for people struggling with their weight to seek the comfort of having an excuse for over indulgence and to shift blame away from themselves.

The Weight Loss Media

And the diet industry, food experts health officials and the media together seem to have an uncanny ability to whip up a full menu of excuses – to create confusion regarding matters that otherwise are really quite straight forward.

So remember the simple equations – eat less and lose weight; eat what you need and maintain a healthy weight.

Meanwhile, of course, the above mentioned bodies will continue to propound a new theory or contradiction, seemingly every few weeks. The media then seems to conspire to stir up the whole debate into a frenzy of confusion and derision. All it then needs are a few politicians to get involved and we all seemingly then have the perfect excuse to eat or drink ourselves stupid because nothing no longer makes any sense.

The latest food row to emerge, as you might be aware, is the notion that we should be eating fewer carbs and more fat. This has promoted headlines of a kind such as: “Eat fat to stay thin”.

Let’s be sensible about this, though. Are you really going to eat nothing but cream cheese three time a day just because some nutritional body suggests that an exclusively fat-free diet is not necessarily a great idea?

So take a step back from the pie-flinging and the insults. There’ll soon be a new pronouncement coming along which will morph all too easily into some new faddy diet to sweep the nation before inevitably making way for some fresher theory.

How I can help you at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we realise most people have the intellectual insight to know in essence what it is they should be doing or eating. We provide them with the emotional insight, through hypnosis, to realise those aims by helping them to take responsibility for their own consumption, regardless of whatever inane headline happens to be in fashion.

The only things that should never be swallowed are half-baked ideas.

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