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Hypnotherapy Courses in Leeds

Learn Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Our course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and insight to run a thriving hypnotherapy business. 

Your coach will be one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists: award-winning Daniel L. McDermid. Daniel has a success rate second to none, using treatment techniques he has developed over more than ten years as a top practitioner. He is the author of several books, including Stop Smoking: It’s a Doddle, Lose Weight: It’s a Doddle and has presented various programmes to tutor fellow professional therapists both in the UK and abroad. His work has appeared in other journals and publications, including The Hypnotherapy Experts: Strategies from the A’ List.

While Daniel’s training course is designed primarily to enable individuals to join the industry and set up their own practice, established therapists wishing to learn more about best practice and running a successful  business are also welcome to enrol.

The programme will work through all aspects of hypnotherapy, starting with a grounding in the basics. By the end of the course all successful students will have acquired enough skills to begin work in the industry with an understanding of safe and ethical practice. 

Suitable candidates are expected to commit to an eight-week programme, which includes workshops and tutorials where they will learn the principles of clinical hypnosis. These classes will be of a practical nature to ensure students are able to utilise techniques efficiently when treating clients. There will also be some theory learning as well as homework. Students will be encouraged to recognise  their strengths and personal interests to enable them to work to the best of their abilities with relevant clients. For example some practitioners may wish to specialise in enabling smokers to quit, while others may wish to involve themselves in ‘birthing hypnosis.’ It might also be that a student wishes to learn about hypnotherapy to complement an already established business – for example a fitness instructor who wishes to understand how he or she can use hypnosis to help their clients lose weight.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Academy

As well as providing essential skills, the course also offers classes, at no extra cost, to explain the business side of running a practice.  These tutorials are optional but are recommended as they provide an insight into the practicalities of running a hypnotherapy business, from insurance and tax matters to identifying suitable premises and working safely. Useful contacts and networking advice will also be made available.

Students successfully completing the course will be awarded a diploma to recognise their achievement. Our graduates are also offered on-going advice and support to help them deliver the best treatment possible to clients. Masterclasses in treating specific conditions will also be made available to graduates of the programme.

The eight-week programme is run from a convenient location in Leeds city centre. 

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