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Panic attacks, like so many conditions, arise as a result of anxiety. Recurring panic attacks constitute a disorder, and here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we are able to treat that disorder.
There are also clients who seek help from Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic for agoraphobia, and sometimes this phobia has developed as a result of panic attacks, the sufferer being reluctant to visit public places for fear of a panic attack occurring while out.
Symptoms associated with the anxiety of a panic attack are similar to those experienced in many disorders – dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, tingling of the lips and extremities, blurred vision, a strong feeling of detachment and several others.
It can be extremely distressing ordeal, not only for the sufferer but for witnesses too, particularly if the person having the attack begins to hyperventilate, that is breathes far too rapidly and shallowly. Hyperventilation occurs when a person exhales more carbon dioxide than the body can produce and carbon dioxide blood levels drop leading to a rise in blood pH known as respiratory alkalosis, which can result in fainting, seizures and in extreme cases carpopedal spasms (hand and foot muscle twitching). Hyperventilation can occur for a number of reasons but when it is a result of stress/anxiety it is known as hyperventilation syndrome. Part of treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic is the incorporation of relaxation techniques which help regulate breathing.
Importantly, though, Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic addresses panic attacks and as well as associated hyperventilation syndrome through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and hypnotherapy.

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