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Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic | Hypnotherapy in Leeds Rates

Three Session Package£447.00Save £94

What you will receive with the three session package.

One to one treatment. 
We will work closely together to get results.
Daily text message support to help you.

Six Session Weight Loss£597.00Save £385

What you will receive

One to one mindset and motivational sessions. 
We will work closely together over six weeks to increase control over eating habits.
Daily text message support between sessions to help you.

An SOS text support service to ensure you remain in control of food.

Sample menu plans using my 80/20 rule.

Smoking Cessation£297.00Become smoke free

What you will receive.

A one to one mindset and motivational sessions with smoking cessation expert Daniel McDermid
We will work closely together so that you understand and follow the techniques taught. If you do so you will walk out of the session as a non-smoker with immediate effect.
A copy of ‘Stop Smoking: It’s a doddle.

An SOS text support service to ensure you remain a non-smoker.

Treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic is a life-changing experience and for some it will be life-saving too.

Happily, the vast majority of clients have issues that can be resolved in just one session – and that includes smoking cessation.

“I”m dedicated to helping people determined to help themselves,” says practitioner Daniel McDermid, “and that means that in most cases one session is all that’s required.”

He calculates that over the past ten years more than 80 per cent of people who have sought his help have been successfully treated in a single consultation.

A standard one-off session is priced at £247.

There are some conditions or circumstances when additional sessions are required in which case these are offered at £147 per additional session unless booked as a pre-book package. These packages are available for certain treatments when a series of sessions can be more beneficial – for example, weight loss. These are also offered at a discount.

Details of all our charges are provided below.

Typically, a first session will last two-and-a-half hours but any that extend beyond the specified time will incur no extra charge. Any subsequent sessions normally last between an hour-and-a-half and two hours.

Hypnotherapy sessions can be conducted via Skype or Facetime and are charged at the same rate as those of conventional appointments. Such sessions are available to clients living abroad or for some other reason unable to attend the clinic in person.

Appointments are available between 10.30am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, when our standard rate of £247 applies.

For appointments after 4.00pm and at weekends, there is a £30 surcharge. All sessions involve conversational hypnosis, clinical hypnosis and incorporates a number of psychotherapeutic interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling.

All our terms and conditions are detailed https://leeds-hypnotherapy-clinic.co.uk/tc/


Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Packages

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