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Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic | Hypnotherapy in Leeds Rates

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic practitioner Daniel McDermid says: “I am dedicated to helping clients who are determined to help themselves.

“If you have the desire to achieve your goals then I can help you succeed.

“Most sessions last approximately two hours.

Appointments at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic are available between 10.30am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, and our standard rate of £147 a session applies.

Appointments after 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, and at weekends cost £197.

All sessions involve hypnotherapy, incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling.

Discount rates apply to clients who commit themselves to three or four sessions: packages are priced at £347 (three sessions) and £447 (four sessions) for appointments during standard hours; for evening and weekend appointments, the rates are £425 and £525 respectively.


“My ‘Authoritarian & Motivation Weight Loss Hypnosis’ programme runs for six weeks and costs a total of £597.

“Smoking cessation sessions are offered for a flat fee of £297; these sessions usually last between two and three hours.

“Nicotine replacement (e-cigarettes, nicotine gum, nicotine patches) cessation sessions are similar to smoking cessation sessions at a flat fee of £297; these sessions also usually last between two and three hours.

“Please note that sessions may extend slightly beyond the specified time but in such circumstances no extra charge will be made.”

Hypnotherapy sessions conducted via Skype or Facetime are the same as those that apply for appointments held at the clinic.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Packages

Three Session Package£347.00Save £94

What you will receive with the three session package.

One to one treatment. 
We will work closely together to get results.
Daily text message support to help you.

Six Session Weight Loss£597.00Save £285

What you will receive

One to one mindset and motivational sessions. 
We will work closely together over six weeks to increase control over eating habits.
Daily text message support between sessions to help you.

An SOS text support service to ensure you remain in control of food.

Sample menu plans using my 80/20 rule.

Smoking Cessation£297.00Become smoke free

What you will receive.

A one to one mindset and motivational sessions with smoking cessation expert Daniel McDermid
We will work closely together so that you understand and follow the techniques taught. If you do so you will walk out of the session as a non-smoker with immediate effect.
A copy of ‘Stop Smoking: It’s a doddle.

An SOS text support service to ensure you remain a non-smoker.

24-hour cancellation notice policy

We work hard to prepare for each one of our patients prior to every appointment, and regrettably we may have to charge clients who do not comply with the terms of this policy when making a cancellation.
We understand that sometimes, due to personal extenuating circumstances, our clients have to rearrange appointments. If you cannot attend your booked appointment please let us know at least twenty four hours prior to your appointment by email or by telephone and we will be happy to accommodate your circumstances and you will incur no charges for work undertaken in preparation for your appointment following the 24-hour cancellation notice policy. Cancellations made without 24-hours notice may incur the full fee. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic reserves the right to charge the full fee for non-attendance. No refund will be issued to clients who leave any programme/package of their own volition before treatment is completed.
If you wish to cancel an appointment on the same day please call 0113 2242050

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