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People with social anxiety disorder are sometimes prescribed antidepressants but at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we use cognitive behavioural therapy in conjunction with hypnosis.

Such treatment is effective as social anxiety disorder is in effect a phobia, (it is very often referred to as social phobia).

Like other phobias detailed on these Leeds Hypnotherapy website pages, the disorder arises from anxiety.

It is more than simply shyness. Social phobia can disrupt a person’s life considerably and if not treated may expand to embrace other phobias.

It is borne out of a fear of being judged by others in even everyday social situations. The sufferer fears he or she will be regarded as silly or foolish or incompetent. Inevitably this restricts lifestyles with sufferers reluctant to attend social gatherings like parties and other celebrations or even just going to the restaurant or pub. Challenges such as standing up before a group of people and delivering a speech seem truly terrifying and inevitably this can make the workplace a daunting place and restrict one’s career choices considerably.

Clients who come to see me at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic suffering this disorder have often finally done so because of the mounting anxiety over a specific forthcoming event, which they know it is going to be hard to avoid. Their inner terror prompts them to seek help.

Happily, they have come to the right place; we can resolve these issues at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.

As with other phobias, the symptoms of social anxiety disorder might include: fainting, headaches, extreme agitation or irritation; nausea, an inability to concentrate, a tightening of the stomach, blushing and various other reactions. It might prompt panic attacks.

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we are aware of the debilitating effect of the disorder and reassure clients that their problems can be resolved. Through cognitive behavioural therapy we help them analyse their condition and self-image enabling them to grasp that they are worthy human beings regardless of what has happened to them in the past and that they do not deserve to be denied opportunities because of unrealistic anxiety. As they accept this new insight, hypnosis embeds this natural self-belief into their unconscious where it serves to strengthen and continually support their confidence.

It is not the person’s intrinsic character that has changed, it is that they have been presented with the opportunity to recognise their true selves and value.

The greatest joy of working as a hypnotherapist is the positive effect treatment has on people’s lives and it is always satisfying when clients get back in touch with Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic to tell us that they delivered that speech or that they got that promotion or simply that they went to that party and enjoyed it.

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