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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

For most smokers, the biggest hurdle to stopping smoking is actually taking the decision to do so – concluding that it really is time to quit-smoking. You know you want to stop smoking but you’ve asked yourself so many times when the best time will be to do it. But you’ve probably already postponed the dreaded day numerous times.

You’re not alone. I’d guess there are millions of smokers who genuinely want to stop yet when it comes to the crunch they always seem able to trawl up an excuse to put it off. There are countless excuses for delay but in reality there is only one reason smokers find it hard to quit.

And that reason is FEAR.

I know a lot of people will immediately dismiss this notion as nonsense.

But I’m going to explain.

Smokers are fearful of the hardships that they believe lie ahead.

Stop Smoking: It's a doddle

They are scared about how they are going to cope. They are worried about how they won’t be able to stop thinking about cigarettes. All these intrusive thoughts seem overwhelming. And already the smoker is beginning to panic.

Stop Smoking: It's a Doddle

Available as paperback or Kindle

Quit smoking in Leeds

But stopping smoking really doesn’t have to be that difficult. The truth is it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Treatment at my clinic begins by recognising that smoking is both physical and psychological. But most people confuse the two. I think that’s understandable because the addiction disguises itself so well.

The physical aspect of nicotine addiction, however, is actually overcome very quickly, despite what you might believe. It plays only a minor role in the habit. And it is easily conquered. It is the psychological aspect of smoking that presents the main obstacle.

But really that doesn’t have to be hard to overcome either. And this is the purpose of my booklet – to explain why giving up smoking can be very easy.

Stop smoking – it’s a doddle.

It’s the title of my book and it’s a simple message.


Break the Habit

I treat tobacco smokers and are also able to treat cannabis users.

Maybe you have been a smoker for many years? Perhaps you have tried several times before to quit but without success? If so, you probably think nothing can work. But hypnotherapy tackles your problem by recognising that smoking is both physical and psychological. It may surprise you to know that the physical aspect can be overcome very quickly and is only a minor part in addiction. The psychological aspect is what makes breaking the habit so difficult. However, in hypnotherapy the professionally -trained hypnotherapist puts the patient into a state of trance, where the patient’s unconscious integrates the suggestions presented by the hypnotherapist. This process, on average, will take two hours, at the end of which the patient leaves with the conviction that they are a non smoker.

Smokers have a new incentive to give up.


Leeds Stop Smoking Clinic

A one-off Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic session is all it can take once someone has made the decision to give up, says Daniel McDermid, who graduated in psychology in Leeds before qualifying with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy as a practitioner.

“The biggest problem for most smokers is actually ‘taking the plunge’,” he says. “So many smokers want to stop but when it comes to the crunch it’s all too easy to find an excuse and put it off. This can go on for years. What I’m offering is for smokers to book a session and then take the opportunity to come and see me at any time in the following six months and at short notice once they feel that the time is right.”

“It’s a relaxing experience and not one to be afraid of in any way.

“When a client walks out of the clinic after treatment he or she does so as a non-smoker and can get on with the rest of his or her life unburdened.

“That gives me a great deal of satisfaction.”

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