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A compilation of a few Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic's testimonials

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Testimonials for Daniel McDermid

A compilation of a few video testimonials provided by Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s past clients. Daniel McDermid has worked with range of conditions over the years and has provided excellent results.

Sarah Thornton Overcomes Depression and other conditions

Sarah Thornton Overcomes Depression, Anxiety and Panic, and Shoulder Pain

Sarah first visited Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic after suffering from depression for over ten years. Daniel McDermid used ‘The Law of Accurate Thinking’ which he has developed over the years to treat Sarah. Sarah made significant improvements immediately after the first session. Sarah returned to see Daniel to learn further techniques to develop herself further.

Since working with Daniel, Sarah has also lost a stone and a half.

Sarah had lived in constant fear and was suffering from panic attacks. This was eliminated in the first session.

Sarah mentioned that she had a lot of pain in her shoulder in her final session. Daniel removed the pain. It was no longer needed.

Craig overcomes anxiety and depression

Hypnotherapy in Leeds | Craig Deighton overcomes Depression and Anxiety

Craig had suffered from depression and anxiety when he was recommended to see Daniel McDermid at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic. Craig’s condition had debilitated him and he was struggling to get up and out of bed in the mornings. Craig had three sessions with Daniel and importantly, followed the guidance that was offered. By following Daniel’s guidance, Craig has overcome his depression and anxiety. He is happily back at work and enjoying his family life four months on from treatment.

Hypnotherapy Leeds Hayley overcomes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Hypnotherapy Leeds Hayley overcomes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Hayley had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for a number of years. The trauma had triggered a number of phobias including claustrophobia and agoraphobia. This meant she was very limited on where she could go. She was unable to use lifts, escalators or drive on open roads or tunnels. It had a dramatic affect on her life. Hayley also was not able to be in any external environment from her home by herself. She would suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Hayley had received many psychotherapies and tried various other treatments to try and improve. Nothing had worked for her. Fortunately her friend recommended hypnotherapy and after a bit of research they found Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic. Although Hayley was skeptical she followed the techniques that were taught. Hayley has now successfully overcome her phobias and her PTSD.

Stacey Overcomes Panic Attacks

Stacey overcomes Panic at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Stacey had suffered from panic attacks for years. She had seen different practitioners and CBT therapists. Regrettably non of these treatments helped Stacey. Stacey was recommended by a friend who had previously seen Daniel at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic. Since seeing Daniel Stacey has been panic and anxiety free.

Laura Overcomes Panic Attacks

Laura Overcomes Panic at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Laura was recommended to come and see Daniel approximately four years ago. She had a couple of sessions with Daniel and has not had a panic attack since.

Laura had previously tried to get help from her GP who prescribed her anti-depressants. Laura also received counselling through the NHS. Regrettably none of these treatments helped Laura.

Fortunately Laura was able to overcome her panic attacks with immediate effect at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic using the ‘Law of Accurate Thinking’ which is a protocol that was created by Daniel McDermid

Jean loses weight

Jean Loses Weight at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Jean had struggled with her relationship with food and weight for years. She’d tried to resolve it with a different hypnotherapist in the past which didn’t work for her. After been recommended to Daniel, Jean has now lost over two stones and has changed her relationship to food.

Chloe overcomes her panic attacks and anxiety

Chloe Overcomes Her Panic And Anxiety

Chloe had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. She’d tried different methods to try and overcome it, but everything failed. After a single session with Daniel at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Chloe’s panic stopped with immediate effect. Chloe returned to see Daniel a few more times to gain more tools to manage challenges in the future.

Alexis passes her driving test with hypnosis

Alexis Passes Her Driving Test

With the help of Daniel McDermid’s treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Alexis passed her driving test. She had previously had four tests, but would panic causing her to fail. Well done Alexis for passing with flying colours after our treatment.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Cures Daley of Anxiety

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic Cures Daley of Anxiety

Daley came to see Daniel McDermid just over three weeks ago, having suffered from health and general anxiety for over a year. It was effecting him badly. After the first session Daley saw immediate results and walked away from treatment free from his anxiety. We had a couple more sessions to provide him with further tools so that he has life long results.

Craig overcomes his fear of flying

Craig Gets back on a plane because of hypnotherapy

Craig had a bad experience on a plane and then avoided them. It meant that he was unable to go on holiday abroad. After a few sessions with Daniel McDermid at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, Craig is now able to enjoy flying and enjoy sunny holidays again.

Christian Stops Chewing Nicotine Gum

Christian Stops Chewing Nicotine Gum

Christian quit smoking over five years ago using nicotine gum. As we know in the therapy industry all he did was replace one bad habit for another. Fortunately four years ago he decided to receive treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic with Daniel McDermid. Christian has not used any Nicotine replacements since his treatment.

Two Stones lost in 6 week programme

Slimline Sarah loses 2 stones in 6 week programme

Sarah lost two stones with the help of the ‘Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Programme’ which involved six sessions at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic and she has no doubt she will achieve her ultimate target weight. Sarah’s confidence is based on the fact that she has grasped responsibility for her eating habits. Sarah says the Leeds Hypnotherapy programme has “reprogrammed’ how she thinks about food.

Jill loses weight with hypnotherapy in Leeds

Jill loses 2 stones in 6 week programme

Jill had struggled with her weight all her adult life. After working with Daniel McDermid on his six week programme, she has now successfully lost two stone. She is feeling more confident and has a completely different relationship with food. Jill is continuing to lose weight and Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic are looking forward to showing you results. Well done Jill.

Hypnotherapy For Health Anxiety

Julia overcomes health anxiety at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

For more than 20 years, Julia, 32, had suffered from anxiety and finally, after having a baby, she resolved to seek help and so contacted Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic. She says, “I needed something to change my way of thinking.” Her first panic attack had been at the age of just 11. Now after three sessions over a six-week period, Julia says, “I now feel very, very positive.”

Ross conquers his PTSD and anxiety

Ross conquers his anxiety and PTSD at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Ross came to see Daniel at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic more than 5 years ago. He was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and was finding everyday life challenging because of his high levels of anxiety. In three sessions of treatment, including hypnosis, Ross was able to bring his anxiety under control and learnt techniques that made it possible to refocus his outlook and turn his life around.

Angela loses 20Ibs in two months

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic was recommended to 57-year-old Angela who wanted to slim down after gradually putting on weight over the previous few years. She lost 20lbs in two months and, as Angela says, she is delighted by the results and now knows she can easily lose more despite being unable to exercise because of medical issues. Angela’s weakness had been sweets but, as she says, her treatment has changed her whole attitude towards food.

Hypnotherapy in Leeds for Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Sammie came to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic seeking help for anxiety issues and intrusive thoughts that were affecting her life both socially and at work. Treatment elsewhere had failed to improve Sammie’s condition and she was on the verge of losing hope of ever resolving her problems. She then decided to come to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic after visiting our main website and reading our reviews. After her first session Sammie said she was amazed by the result. And by the end of her course, she felt a great burden had been lifted. She is now back at work and is once again enjoying life to the full.

Teacher Builds Her Classroom Confidence

Classroom Confidence Building

Teacher Laura came to see me after suffering a crisis of confidence, which was causing her anxiety in her classroom work, especially when she was being assessed. The situation had reached the stage where she felt her only option was to quit the profession she had worked so hard to enter. In a series of three sessions we dealt with the underlying causes of Laura’s anxiety and were able to resolve all her issues, meaning Laura has not only been able continue her career but has also since been graded an outstanding teacher.

Hypnotherapy for Depression and Anxiety

Hypnotherapy after a Relationship Breakup

When Michelle first came to see me at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic her life was overwhelmed by a relationship breakdown. She described herself as being depressed and wracked with anxiety and said her symptoms were worsening. She was unable to see any future other than despair. In our sessions, Michelle learnt to deal positively with the challenges in her life and see issues affecting her wellbeing differently. Half-way through her treatment she suffered another blow in her personal life but had the resources by this stage to deal effectively with the matter. By the end of our series of hypnotherapy treatment, Michelle had regained her confidence and embraced a positive and optimistic outlook for the future, which she truly deserves.

Sheila Builds Her Confidence with Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Sheila builds her confidence to make important changes in life

Sheila, who is 54, came to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic seeking help to make some important life changing decisions. Sheila had struggled for years to resolve her issues but by building her confidence she has been able to overcome difficult hurdles and after three months continues to be in control of her life.

Marathon Man Richard uses hypnosis

Richard runs marathon with the help of hypnotherapy in Leeds

Richard first came to see me at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, a few days before he was due to run a charity marathon. He said he was lacking the confidence to face the challenge but after a single session he went on to successfully complete the run. Well done, Richard.

Hypnotherapy for Phobia of Eating Fruit at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapy for Phobia of Eating Fruit at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

For 30 years, since the age of five, Paul had been unable to eat fruit or vegetables. Every attempt to do so saw him suffer gag reflex, leading Paul despair that he would ever be able to adopt a sensible and healthy diet. Before coming to see me at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, Paul had tried to resolve his without success. Happily, as the video demonstrates, a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnosis has enabled Paul to take back control within one session lasting less than two hours.

Billy Builds his Confidence at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapy to Build Confidence

Billy, who runs a motion graphics company, came to see me more than two years ago. He had been suffering self-esteem issues in both his professional and private life and his condition was adversely affecting his work. Following his first session at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, Billy recognised a dramatic difference in his attitude towards life and his whole outlook changed for the better. He had a further two sessions, gaining further tools to make dramatic changes both at home and work.

Insomnia is overcome using hypnotherapy in Leeds

Leeds Hypnotherapy helps Sarah overcome insomnia

Rachel came to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic in 2010 because she was suffering sleep problems, which was affecting other areas of her life. After one session, Rachel was able to overcome her insomnia.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Nigel Loses Three Stones

And here’s my father. Without any sense of irony, he said he wanted to add a little weight to my compilation of testimonials. As he admits, before he signed up on the Man Up Lose Weight programme offered by Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, he was in serious need of shifting some weight. If I’m to be truthful he hasn’t been my easiest client but nevertheless, he lost more than three stones in under six months. And as you can see, he seems pretty pleased with himself.

Hypnotherapy for phobias

Hypnotherapy in Leeds | Susan conquers her 20 year phobia of eating fruit & vegetables

Susan had not eaten fruit or vegetables since the age of six. Just the thought of eating an apple or an orange was enough to make Susan feel ill. Now, after just one session at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, Susan has overcome her 20-year-old phobia – and proved it by eating a tangerine immediately after treatment. As she says on the video, this will have a positive effect in other areas of her life – not least now being able to encourage her children to eat healthily.

Hypnotherapy to help stop chronic coughing

Hypnotherapy to stop Chronic Coughing.

Val had suffered from a chronic cough for over 20 years. After going down all the conventional treatments she found that nothing seemed to assist her. After a couple of sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with hypnotist Danny McDermid, Vale found that her chronic cough had dramatically reduced.

Daniel McDermid –  ‘I loved working with Val. She took the time to understand and practise the principles that I teach. By doing so, she started to see results with immediate effect.’

Confidence with life challenges

Hypnotherapy to Build Confidence

Julie came to see Daniel McDermid at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic when she was finding some of life’s problems hard to cope with. After a single session of hypnotherapy, she managed to turn her life around. A year later, there were several unexpected life events that Julie found herself facing. Once again Daniel was able to help Julie manage and overcome her challenges

Hypnotherapy in Leeds | Domestic Abuse

Hypnotherapy to walk away from domestic abuse

Neelam, 43, came to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic deeply unhappy after suffering years of domestic abuse. In three sessions, Neelam was able to reappraise her life and to look forward to the future unburdened by the doubts and low self-esteem that had burdened her for so long.

Stop Gambling with Hypnotherapy

Stop gambling hypnotherapy in Leeds

Adam had gambled since the legal age. Having tried different support groups and treatments he found that this bad habit was getting the better of him. It was badly effecting both his finances and his relationships. Now at the age 27, Adam can happily say that this behaviour is behind him. Danny and Adam worked together to bring the positive results that Adam deserves.

Team GB boxing representative Jack Bateson

Sports performance hypnotherapy Team GB representative Jack Bateson at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Jack Batson is a top amateur bantamweight boxer. He represents Team GB and is a Sky Scholar. He’s worked with Danny at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic over the last year to give him a mental advantage over his opponents. As Tyson says ’90 percent of boxing is psychological’.

Drinking cessation at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Stop drinking alcohol at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Leeds business man Tom had been abusing alcohol for a number of years. Leeds Hypnotherapist Daniel McDermid helped Tom to stop drinking alcohol completely. Tom now has a positive attitude to be a fantastic success.

Confidence building at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Confidence building at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Louise had suffered from anxiety and a lack of confidence, both within her work life and personal life. After three sessions with Daniel McDermid at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, she learned techniques that have helped her conquer her anxiety and build her confidence levels.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and mind coaching

Maryam came to see Daniel at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic a few years ago when life was challenging. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and hypnosis he was able to help Maryam programme her mind to be more positive and gain the attitude to face life’s challenges successfully

Hypnotherapy Leeds Confidence with Stammering

Hypnotherapy Leeds Confidence with Stammering

Lyndon Johnson has suffered from a stammer since a child. After three sessions of hypnotherapy with one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists he’s built his confidence. Because of his new found confidence his stammering has reduced dramatically. Listen to how well he now speaks. Well done Lyndon.

Hypnotherapy Leeds Night Terrors

Hypnotherapy Leeds Night Terrors

Matt had suffered from night terrors for years. He would awaken during the night believing that the house was on fire. He’d run around the house awakening his family. After three sessions of hypnotherapy with Daniel McDermid at Leeds Hypnotherapy, Matt no longer suffers from night terrors.

Hypnotherapy Leeds Anger Managment and OCD

Hypnotherapy Leeds Anger Management and OCD

Simon had suffered from OCD for the last 5 years. Having tried other forms of treatment without success, he found expert hypnotherapist Daniel McDermid online. After 3 sessions at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, Simon has learned and applied techniques taught that has helped to improve his life dramatically.

Eye lash pulling cessation hypnotherapy at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapy for trichotillomania

I’ve worked with Daniel for two different issues now and have had life-changing success on both! I can’t recommend Daniel enough. If you have a problem that Daniel says he can treat, he can treat it and your life can change for the good. Simple as that! Thanks again Daniel.

Build your confidence at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapy for confidence building

Caroline had faced challenges in her life and was finding it difficult to overcome them without help. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic practitioner Danny McDermid was able to help her to change her cognitions and give her the confidence to face any fears successfully.

Weight loss hypnotherapy in Leeds

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Mary had always struggled with her weight and had tried to slim on numerous occasions using various diets but to no lasting effect. Over the years her weight became more and more of a problem causing her health problems. It was when she came to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic that through authoritarian and motivational hypnotherapy, Mary was able to grasp responsibility and adopt a different attitude towards food. Her progress has been remarkable and Mary is confident that with her new insight she will will achieve a healthy weight.

Helen overcomes her phobia of eating fruit and vegetables

Helen overcomes her phobia of eating fruit and vegetables

Thirty one year old Helen had suffered from a phobia of eating fruit and vegetables since she was a baby. She recognised that this was very unhealthy, and was also concerned about passing this phobia onto her daughter. After a single session of hypnotherapy with Daniel McDermid at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, Helen has now overcome her fear and is enjoying a healthy diet.

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