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Weight Loss in Leeds

In reality, there is no secret to achieving an appropriate weight: a healthy person’s weight is determined by food intake and exercise.

Weight loss Leeds- How we at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic help a patient manage his or her weight is to give them the confidence to take control of their eating habits and improve exercise to appropriate levels (this doesn’t have to involve a tortuous gym regime). Weight loss hypnotherapy in Leeds. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic offers weight management with affodable costs in Leeds city centre

Motivation is maintained and in cases where other issues might be involved, then these are addressed too. Binge eating, for example, can be successfully treated as can other related disorders such as bulimia (both “purging” and “non-purging” types of the condition.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Leeds

Be Slim, Stay Slim

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is obsessed with their weight. What is most important however is that an individual does not exceed a weight that threatens his or her health. It may be that some people may need to shed a few pounds, in other instances the required weight loss may be more substantial. Either way, weight loss is within the capability of every person and can be made easier through hypnotherapy. Treatment starts by setting realistic and achievable targets for each individual, recognising that the unconscious plays the most important factor in determining a person’s weight.

Just as some people may put on weight due to psychological factors others may be underweight for similar reasons. By identifying the reasons for eating disorders, hypnotherapy makes it possible for the individual to integrate healthy eating and other beneficial practices into their lifestyle

Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

In my opinion this is the best weight loss programme available

Working Together

You and I will be a team. We will work together to build you a strong mindset and provide the motivation to help you let go of harmful habits and embrace healthy practices. These new patterns are designed to ensure you lose weight and that you maintain the new you in the long-term.

Please note: This programme is not suitable for clients with epilepsy or a history of psychiatric illness. If you are clinically depressed (as medically defined) I will wish to consult with your GP before accepting you on the programme. This programme is not designed for those in a vulnerable position.


What you receive

We will work closely together over six weeks to increase control over your eating habits, build your motivation and focus and recondition your mind and lifestyle so that you lose weight from day one and control your weight in the long-term.

Six weeks’ comprehensive support working one-on-one with contact being made every day;

A series of mindset and motivational face-to-face sessions;

An SOS text support service to ensure you remain in control and are focused on losing weight. It is a client’s responsibility to contact Daniel when they feel it’s necessary.

Mind-programming to help you manage your dietary portions, eat better and maintain your motivation;


The programme

The six-session programme incorporates motivational straight talking as well as hypnosis and homework-based tasks;

There will be an emphasis on not offering excuses – you will grasp responsibility and recognise that you can’t fool yourself;

Solutions will be adopted to overcome any personal difficulties and challenges as the course progresses;

Weight-loss will be measured weekly. Clients declining to make their pre-agreed target will be taken off the programme and given a pro-rata refund;

Homework will be agreed upon at all sessions;

Daily communication is required via text or email;

Weigh-ins will be conducted as requested.
Honesty is a key word in the programme – clients are expected to be honest with themselves and with me and I will be honest and straight-talking with the client.



Clients can be removed from the programme at any time and in such instances, a pro-rata refund will be issued;
No refund will be issued to clients who leave the programme of their own volition before its completion;
Pro-rata refunds are calculated on the number of face-to-face sessions or weeks remaining.

It is key that seven to fourteen days are left between each session.

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