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Most people get angry at some time or another- it’s a normal human response. It’s usually triggered when an individual feels threatened.

People might feel their authority is being challenged or even fear physical attack. But anger is an unhealthy negative emotion.

When an individual becomes angry they might overestimate the intent of another person’s actions. They may consider that they are definitely correct and that it is other people who are wrong. At this point they might want revenge . They might become verbally violent or physically violent towards their perceived aggressor or might try to destroy something belonging to that individual.

It is not a helpful emotion and is particularly inappropriate if it spills over into violence. Passive aggression also exists when a person might spread a rumour about another individual or recruit allies against the other person.

Anger, though, is not always demonstrated by an outburst of temper, which may pose a threat to others but in some people may be repressed to the detriment of their health. It is also important to be aware that some individuals show none of these symptoms, but instead withdraw aggressively or displace. Individuals can suffer from meta emotions (emotions about emotions). For example, an individual may be angry and have a meta emotion of anxiety. This means they may tranquillise their feelings, doing so by smoking when their boss has told them off, for example or if their children behave badly. Other unhealthy habits such as over eating might occur.

Anger management is therefore important.

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic the condition is treated by replacing unhealthy beliefs with healthy beliefs. There are several other hypnotherapy strategies that are implemented too.

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