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Hypnotherapy Leeds

Hypnotherapy Leeds, Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, is run by leading UK hypnotherapist Daniel McDermid. It is conveniently located in Leeds city centre, in York Place. This is less than five minutes’ walk from Leeds city train station. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic provides treatment for clients not just from Leeds but from around the rest of the UK, including London and other major cities.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic has also built an international reputation, providing online treatment and courses for clients around the world as well as providing training in Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s own techniques to other hypnotherapists as far afield as Australia and the USA.

Contact Hypnotherapy Leeds

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic can be contacted by phone or online.

The Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic number is: 07745739186

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic email address is: daniel@leeds-hypnotherapy-clinic.co.uk

Award-winning Daniel McDermid’s experience and expertise extend beyond Leeds as he regularly appears at hypnotherapy events elsewhere in Britain and contributes to international hypnotherapy forums. Appearances on television and radio interviews plus features in local and national papers as well as his hypnotherapy books and other publications have all helped him reach a wider audience. Such exposure allows Daniel to help more people in Leeds and elsewhere using hypnosis techniques developed at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic to resolve a wide range of psychological issues. Daniel is also a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH).

Leeds-born Daniel is an expert in smoking cessation and weight-loss hypnotherapy treatment at his hypnotherapy Leeds clinic, using both clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy to treat clients. His therapy claims unrivalled success using his own specialised techniques.

Hypnotherapy Leeds Books


Stop Smoking: It's a DoddleAs well as his book ‘Stop Smoking: It’s a Doddle’, Daniel has developed a programme for fellow practitioners using his celebrated techniques. The programme is currently being rolled out across the UK and abroad. The demand for this programme has been driven by the remarkable success of Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic enabling thousands of smokers to quit.

Daniel has also written a book on weight-loss. The Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic weight-loss courses are based on an authoritative programme, which through a combination of counselling, cognitive behavioural treatment and hypnosis, the client learns to take responsibility and adopt educated eating habits. No foods are banned – grasping responsibility is the key. If there are anxiety issues that so often drive comfort eating, these are dealt with too. Once clients acknowledge they are in control, the results are staggering. Many Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic clients will have previously tried a range of faddy diets or joined gyms with no success. At the hypnotherapy Leeds clinic, the emphasis is on responsibility. There is no fat shaming. The programme is driven by an understanding of the the psychological and physical benefits of being your ideal weight.

As well as smoking cessation and weight-loss programmes, Daniel is a leading therapist in the treatment of a wide range of other conditions, conducting sessions at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic and around the country, treating conditions that vary from debilitating panic attacks to barely recognised phobias and many other disorders.

Hypnotherapy in Leeds to treat Phobias

Many clients arrive at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic seeking help for a phobia. Phobias embrace a huge variety of subjects, from fear of spiders to fear of flying and many, many more. The two mentioned are very common.

Daniel has enabled numerous Leeds Hypnotherapy clients to live without the anxiety associated with their phobia. Many clients will believe their anxiety arises from their phobia whereas the opposite is actually true. The phobia is a manifestation of their anxiety. The relief for many clients after successful treatment is beyond measure. In some instances phobias have taken over their life to such an extent that normal functioning has become impossible or at best the person’s lifestyle has been severely restricted. Of course, their phobia most likely has been affecting not only that particular person but also the lives of others close to them – their family, friends and even work colleagues, too.

How phobias effect people.

Quite often phobias or irrational fears hold people back in their personal or career development. Sometimes, people have suffered for many years with their phobia, their lives being reduced to misery in some cases. And yet, phobias are relatively easy to overcome once an individual understands the nature of their condition. Because an individual has misinterpreted or failed to understand their disorder accurately they have been unable to address it. Once they comprehend the condition, through treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, their new-found rationality is integrated into their unconscious, or if you prefer, their subconscious.

The same principles apply to the treatment of many other conditions, including obsessive compulsive disorders. The cause of these symptoms can be understood through cognitive behavioural therapy and this understanding then “locked” into the unconscious using hypnosis. At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic this hypnosis for OCD and all other conditions is undertaken by Daniel. Daniel is widely acknowledged by his peers as one of the best practitioners of clinical hypnosis in the country.

Why choose hypnotherapy Leeds?

There are many people who claim to offer hypnosis but in reality its effective administration is a skilled art. Daniel developed his skills to become an award-winning hypnotherapist after graduation from university with a degree in psychology. He has grown his skills in hypnosis over years of practice and continued study in various areas of his discipline. He always assures his clients that throughout the procedure, they continue to be in charge.

Is hypnotherapy in Leeds he same as stage hypnosis?

As Daniel continually emphasises, it is important that people realise there is a huge distinction to be made between stage hypnotism and the clinical hypnosis administered by a trained practitioner. The former is a show by a performer designed to entertain an audience. The latter is designed to help people overcome specific psychological issues, sometimes severe difficulties and to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Over the years Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic has helped thousands of clients deal with anxieties, for example performance anxiety relating to various sports. Daniel has worked with professional sports people, including top footballers and boxers helping them to compete at their optimum level.

What other treatments does Hypnotherapy Leeds offer?

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic also treats other types of performance anxiety, notably anxiety relating to sexual relationships. Therapy for this psychological condition enjoys remarkable success. Difficult though it may be in the first instance for an individual to seek help.

Whatever the condition a client brings to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, it is emphasised that treatment from the very start is always professional and non-judgemental. No client should be shamed by his or her condition. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic is an ethical practice. We are here to help.

The hypnotherapy we offer

The help and therapy provided at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic extends to a wide range of other debilitating disorders, for example OCDs – obsessive compulsive disorders. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic works with clients to resolve a myriad of issues: public speaking anxiety, perceptions of stress, eating disorders such as anorexia, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addictions and substance abuse. Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic can also help clients manage pain. At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic | Hypnotherapy Leeds we also help people to gain confidence, better preparing them to cope with life both at home and in the workplace and helping them to reach their goals. Again, treatment is non-judgmental. Leeds Hypnotherapy provides help to people from all walks of life.

Hypnotherapy in Leeds for social anxieties

A teenager can overcome his or her shyness, his or her stammering, blushing, profuse sweating . We can help other problems they deem as being socially devastating. Meanwhile there are older businessmen and professionals who feel unable to cope because of a fear of public speaking. This is not something to be ashamed of. It can be dealt with just as having the confidence to address a crowd at a specific event. For example, a wedding or a job interview can be addressed successfully.

How can hypnotherapy in Leeds help with so many issues?

It might seem questionable to some potential clients that Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic helps resolve such a variety of conditions and disorders. But there is nothing dubious about these claims. They are true. A wide range of psychological matters are rooted in anxiety. It might be that a client is unaware of the cause and recognises only their symptoms i.e. the manifestation of anxiety which may emerge as an OCD, a phobia or lead to destructive behaviour such as smoking, problem drinking or addicition. Hypnosis allows the therapist to access the unconscious on the client’s behalf to resolve psychological issues. Treatment at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic | Hypnotherapy Leeds always begins, though, by helping the client understand his or her condition helping them to “think accurately.”

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s aim

It is Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s aim to deliver a first class service to all our clients. It does not matter who they are or what they do. We believe we are top for treatment not only in Leeds but outside Leeds too. This is because of our dedication, experience and the specialised, skilled techniques we have developed and deliver on a daily basis. While Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic may not offer the cheapest treatment in Leeds, we are confident we provide the best.

All of the points and sentiments outlined on this page are covered in more detail elsewhere on this Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic | hypnotherapy Leeds website to enable potential clients determine if or how treatment might be of benefit to them. There is also more general information, such as opening hours and charges. There is advice and guidelines designed to explain in greater depth how clinical hypnosis works.

We also offer some programmes you might wish to download free at hypnotherapy Leeds.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic is here to help.

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