At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic our ongoing message to all smokers is: “now’s the time to stop smoking.”
Of course, the same call is made constantly other health professionals and organisations.
And, happily, the plea has not gone unheeded – at least not in the UK where over the past few decades the proportion of smokers has declined considerably.
For example, in 1974, 51% of men and 41% of women smoked, while that proportion today is down to 20% and 17%, respectively. However, those statistics still equate to there being 9.8 million adult smokers in the U.K., so clearly there’s still some way to go.

Worldwide stop smoking figures

Worldwide, the figures are more depressing – the World Health Organisation (WHO) this month predicted that, globally, the number of deaths due to smoking will rise from 6 million a year at present to 8 million a year by 2030. It states that tobacco use is the largest cause of preventable deaths worldwide.

The report, produced in conjunction with the US National Cancer Institute, says: “The science is clear; the time for action is now.”
Clearly, any initiative, that helps reduce the number of smokers is to be welcomed and in the UK we continue to take steps to curb tobacco use, such as the forthcoming introduction of uniform packaging on cigarettes with explicit pictures detailing the harmful effects of smoking.
Sadly, many governments are reluctant to take measures that counter smoking, fearing, says the WHO report, that any restrictions might “have an adverse economic impact.”
Statistics provide evidence that the opposite is actually the case.

Abolish smoking advertising

Economics aside, though, the reality is that every death caused by smoking is an avoidable tragedy.
The best way to be a non-smoker, of course, is never to start in the first place. So prohibiting promotion of tobacco products that lure people into tobacco usage is a priority for any government.
For those people who already smoke, though, the message remains: Stop now.
Sadly, the prevailing belief, is that quitting will always be a tortuous struggle and this proves too much a disincentive for many smokers.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s Stop Smoking Mission

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, though, it’s one of our missions to convince smokers that giving up tobacco is in fact a doddle – and it’s a doddle because the smoker’s perceived addiction is all in the mind – his or her smoking is primarily a psychological issue and not a significant physical addiction.
Using cognitive behavioural therapy reinforced by clinical hypnosis, the chains that bind the smoker are easily broken.
All it takes is one session and clients who arrive at the clinic truly wanting to quit leave as non-smokers with immediate effect. Their previous urge to light up is eradicated..
We know our treatment works. And at the moment we are trying to spread the word in the hope that our techniques will be adopted by more and more therapists which will mean more and more people being able to lead healthier and happier lives.

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