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Ten Years of Stopping Smoking in Public Places

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic notes that it is now ten years since smoking was banned in public places in this country.
The ban came into force on July 1 2007.
From that date smokers were no longer allowed to light up in such premises as pubs, bars and restaurants. It’s now quite hard to imagine just why at the time the move seemed so controversial. Yet, now, most people – including most smokers – accept that no-one should have to suffer second-hand tobacco fumes. And happily, the ban prompted many smokers to quit and continues to this day to encourage smokers to stop. The new law changed the culture of smoking forever.
Pleasing, too, are the statistics that prove the effectiveness of the ban.

Fantastic results from the smoking ban

Quoted in The Guardian newspaper, Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, calls it “the single most important public health reform in generations.”
Smoking is now at record low levels, according to NHS Digital with latest figures showing that in just the past year the proportion of the population smoking has dropped from 17.2% to 15.8%.
And Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic is determined hopes to do its bit to help bring down those numbers further.
For anyone doubting the benefits of quitting, a quick study of Public Health England statistics cited in The Guardian reveal that deaths from heart disease attributed to smoking in 2007-09 were 32,548 while for 2013-15 the figure dropped to 25,777 – a fall of 20.8% thanks to the reduction in smoking following the ban. Figures for the same periods relating to deaths from strokes attributed to smoking were 9,743 and 8,334, which is a 14.5% improvement.

Stop Smoking in Leeds: It’s a Doddle

Ultimately, though, regardless of statistics – the decision to quit remains the responsibility of the individual. But for those smokers who choose to ignore all health facts and figures because the prospect of giving up seems just too daunting – here are a few words of comfort: “quitting really doesn’t have to be hard.” Please take a moment or two to look at the Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic website for an explanation as to why giving up can be easy. And if you’re still not convinced, click on the video testimonials of just some of the hundreds of smokers I have helped quit. Their message is: Stop Smoking: It’s a doddle.

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