Leeds Hypnotherapist says ‘Cut The Calories and Slow Down Ageing’

Leeds Hypnotherapist states ‘Here at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic we’re always alert to new reports and debate that might be of relevance to the wellbeing of our clients.’
One study to catch our eye this week was reported by, among others, Science Correspondent of the i newspaper, Tom Bawden.
He writes of the work conducted at the University of California in Irvine USA, led by Dr Paolo Sassone-Corsi whose study suggests that a low-calorie diet can slow down the body’s ageing process by beguiling the body’s biological clock.
This seems to be an as yet unrecognised bonus of following a healthy eating regime as well as providing, in all likelihood, an additional incentive to many overweight people wanting to shed fat.

Leeds Hypnotherapist Weight-loss Programmes

Among treatments offered at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic there are, of course, our weight-loss programmes. Treatment uses cognitive behavioural therapy reinforced by clinical hypnosis to attain and maintain an ideal weight. Clients are helped to understand the obvious physical advantages of being a healthy body size as well as discovering that being a healthy weight also offers wider psychological benefits, such as renewed self-confidence – in other words it enhances the client’s overall wellbeing.
Dr Sassone-Corsi’s new research suggests that there might be a further, as yet unrecognised benefit associated with adopting a low-calorie regime – that being the slowing down of the ageing process.
The theory is that the more you avoid a high-calorie intake, the quicker your digestive process will be and therefore the younger your body clock will think you are. This is based on the body clock’s normal assumption that the older you are, the slower you process your food.
The correspondent reports that a group of elderly mice that were fed for six months on a diet containing 30% fewer calories than normal showed a “significant improvement in their energy-processing efficiency, giving the body clock a dose of youth.”

‘Rejuvenating the Biological Clock’

He quotes Dr Sassone-Corsi as saying: “Caloric restriction works by rejuvenating the biological clock in a most powerful way.”
Although it seems that research has yet to extended outside the lab, results are nevertheless intriguing.
Food for thought, indeed.

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